MAPS's point system tracks member participation throughout the semester. Members earn points for attending meetings, socials, and volunteering. As they earn points, members can reach Active, Bronze, Silver or Gold status. Members also have the chance to achieve Platinum status if they reach Bronze, Silver, or Gold for 4 semester. Our point system allows members to shape their MAPS experience while still touching base with all the different opportunities that MAPS has to offer.

Log points
Check points

Pay DUes

Active Membership Requirements*

2 Medical Professionalism events

  • MAPS General Meetings
  • Echo Meetings
  • MCAT Mondays
  • Health Care Talks
  • Interview Workshops
  • OPSA Workshops
  • AMEC Convention


2 Social Events

  • Hanging out with Officers

  • Movie Nights

  • Mentor Meet-ups

  • Study Socials

  • Fundraisers/Profit Shares

  • Medical School Tour

2 hours of MAPS volunteering

  • Boys & Girls Club

  • Concessions**

  • Food Bank

  • St. Joseph's Hospital

  • Nursing Home

*you must obtain at least 20 points

**you must volunteer for at least one football concessions event

T-Shirt & Social Media

1 additional point per event for wearing MAPS t-shirt

1 additional point for each social media outlet that you follow. *You must submit your name and user name through the "Log Points" google form*


If you bring your mentor to any one of our events (Meeting, Social, Volunteering), your points for that event (including t-shirt points) will be DOUBLED

75 Points


50 points



40 points



30 points



20 points



If a member is Bronze, Silver, or Gold status for 4 semesters, their dues will be cut in half (15 dollars a semester or 25 dollars a year). Platinum members will also have the highest priority when deciding which members to bring to the AMEC conference. They will remain in platinum status for the remainder of their undergraduate years.